The policy of quality

The basic mission of  TRANSROLL – CZ, a.s. is the production of high quality products with confinement to environment and the providing of services for maximal satisfaction of our customers.

As a basic tool for supporting of our integrated „Policy of quality“ we use in the management the „Strategy of the company and its goals“.

An integral part of the management and planning is also (in the sense of control system called ZIPF = customer – innovation – process – financing) the „Integrated system of quality “ - ISK, which creates the „System of quality management“  - SMK according to ČSN EN ISO 9001 : 2008 standard and „System of environmental management “ - SEM according to ČSN EN ISO 14001 : 2004 standard.

Our mission can be fulfilled in case when we will be reliable both toward our customers and also toward us. 

  • The company's management provides a yearly check and evaluation of  ISK for determining of necessary steps for remedy and improvement.
  • The goal is the good economic result with optimal costs as base for acquiring of sources.
  • We would like to increase the culture and prosperity of company with mutual learning of management and of the employees.
  • We know that the key issue is the correct an up to date information and the communication in the information system.
  • The maintenance and the development of property and equipment help us at developing of the protection of health, of environment and quality.
  • We feel it so as the company would be "managed with the customer" as he brings us the money for the requested products.
  • We are aware that it is necessary to use new methods of approach at design/ development of products.
  • The quality and in price acceptable materials and the participation of our deliverers on the development are the input factors of quality.
  • Goal: The accurate processing of materials into products and their assembly, connected with environment protection should be the honor of employees.
  • The demonstration of conformity of the supposed product and its validation are conditions for its competitiveness.
  • We understand the process control, the inspections and audits as  managing tools on the way to improvement.
  • We appreciate the contribution of each individual and the increasing of this value in the teams for improving of ISK.
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