The company TRANSROLL-CZ, a.s. produces and delivers idlers according to the CSN 261102 and CSN ISO 1537 standards. To the customers we deliver two basic type of idlers:

Idler Frames – Profiled construction

They are welded from flat and angle shaped steel parts. They are used for belts with 400 -1400 mm of width. The sleepers are suitable for conveyor structures made from U - profiles, they are fastened on the conveyor structure with help of a holder (without boring to the structure).

Idler Frames – Tube construction

They are used for belts with 1000 -2000 mm of width. The are located between the bearing elements for preventing of belt deflection. The idlers are fastened to the supporting structure with help of screws and nuts. The tube idlers are specially suitable for extreme demanding working conditions.

On customer request we can produce and deliver a lot of special designed idlers for extreme climatic conditions and for specific load.

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