You have below an active demand sheet at disposal, which helps you at specification of your demand.
Please, send it back to us after completing, our Sales department will send to you an exact offer with return mail.

Rollers for belt conveyor

Demand sheet


Roller parameters – obligatory data

Rollers' location in the conveyor Upper (carrying) branch Lower (returning) branch Impact places
Number of piecespc
Roller diameter Dmm
Roller bearings – size-
Roller length Lmm
Mounting length L1mm
Roller axle length L2mm
Roller axle end diameter dmm
Axle end milling down width smm
Axle end hole diameter d1mm
Tube wall thicknessmm
Working temperature range°C
Working environment  

Conveyor parameters – non obligatory data

  Upper (carrying) branch Lower (returning) branch Impact places
Transport capacityt/h
Conveyor velocitym/s
Belt widthmm
Belt specific weightkg/m2
Stands spacingm
Inclination angle of side rollers°
Transported material-

Completing information

Location of returning rollers' discs


The maximum file size is 500 kB.



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